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About fooheads

fooheads was formed in September 2014 and we focus soley on delivering world class education and coaching on topics we have decades of experience with and really care for. Even though fooheads started recently, we have been working together on and off since 2000 on different kinds of projects, both embedded and server side systems, but all with the common denominator that all projects have been driven in an agile way, with a high degree of test automation.

The fooheads

Niclas Nilsson

Niclas is a playing coach, educator and writer with a deep passion for the software development craft. He started working as a developer in 1992 and drawn from experience, he knows that some choices make a significant difference in software development, like languages, tools and processes. He's a productivity junkie, which is the reason behind his affection for things like test- and behaviour-driven development, pair-programming and all sorts of automation.

Jon-Erling Dahl

Jon-Erling is a dedicated developer with a built-in urge to deliver working software. His experience range from small, constrained embedded devices to high-performance, low-latency server systems. Jon-Erling enjoys new technology and try as much as he can to adopt it quickly, and due to this curiosity and open mind to what tools are appropriate in any given context, he works fluently in many programming languages and environments.

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